My storytelling songs go down best with a listening audience. So I often perform at acoustic music venues, poetry cafés and spoken word events. I love playing to people who have come to hear a good story.

My gigs range from simple campfire storytelling to theatrical comedy with costumes and props.

Songs range from unaccompanied folk ballads to parodies of Kate Bush. Each performance is always carefully suited to the venue and the occasion.

A song can be like a miniature movie. The words give you the story and the music helps you to see it, whether it’s a wild horse or an empty road. Whether I’m singing about a Wild West saloon bar or a haunted forest, I want to take the listener with me.

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Somebody once said to me, 'You can ride away on these songs!'
Listen to me sing and talk about the American West live on the BBC here - BBC interview.

I perform regularly in London and the Southwest. I have played at a wide range of venues, from the Troubadour to the National Theatre Foyer. As well music venues, I play at spoken word events, at poetry cafés, libraries and storytelling festivals.



Guitar, sometimes piano.


Folk, Acoustic, Americana, Comedy, Parody.



'Amazing voice - stopped me in my tracks. Drew me into the story: I was there.' - Sue Marchant, BBC Radio

'Very retro, very talented and so at ease on the guitar' - Lynsey de Paul.

'Catherine has a flamboyance and style that are very welcome in the sometimes dull and boring folk circuits. Her outfits fit her songs for scenes in the old saloon bars of Dodge, Tombstone and all the other famous Western towns.' - Lost John

'A wonderful variety of original songs with the serious ones blending with the funny ones and the use of the guitar followed by the keyboard - not forgetting the trumpet! A great evening of music.' - Andy Collison

'Catherine Paver is the complete package. Songs and music that transport the listener to some far-flung place and time - and a voice as pure and clear as crystal.' - Music Maker


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Catherine Paver
Singer songwriter